Rodent Control

We all believe in living in peaceful harmony with nature. However, when rodents present a real danger to the health and safety of our loved ones, we must take action. Rodents carry at least 25 diseases. They can spread these diseases through bites, droppings, saliva and urine causing contamination throughout your home and property. Rodents prefer to hide out of sight, so seeing one means there are likely many more behind the scenes. They enter your home seeking food, water, and shelter. Our team of professionals are trained to recognize the signs of rodent infestation as well as to look for potential access points and/or habits that may lead to future infestations. Controlling rodents can be tricky, so timely action at the first sign is extremely important. The best rodent control is through managed visits to inspect your property and prevent an infestation. Call to schedule a free inspection today at 626-256-6485.