Termite Control

Our guaranteed services include termite inspection, treatment and maintenance.

What we offer:

Real estate escrow termite inspections

Free home and business termite inspections

Guaranteed treatment solutions

Evaluation and repair of structural wood damage

Individualized care plans to prevent re-infestations

Most often a termite inspection is required for the sale or purchase of a home or property. Unfortunately, termites do not select a home to infest only from the list of "for sale" properties. A home that you have owned and loved for 10, 20, even 40 years can be vulnerable to termite infestation. We at Raidex know that your home provides shelter, protection and comfort to you and your loved ones. It too deserves to be protected, which is why we offer free termite inspections to existing home owners. If we do find evidence of termites, we will work with you to design a plan of counter-attack depending on the level of infestation and your own personal needs and concerns. Additionally all of our work is guaranteed to your satisfaction. We will teach you what signs to look for and when to call us back. We can also develop an affordable individualized care plan to perform routine inspections to keep your home termite and pest free. You spend precious time caring for your garden, washing your windows, painting the interior and exterior of your home, now, take time to care for the structural health of your home as well. Call today 626-256-6485.